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Make reading fun!

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K-3rd Grade

Welcome to Miss Savannah's Reading Lessons.  Throughout the semester I have compiled four seperate lesson plans to help students grow in their abilities and comfort with reading.  Hopefully you and your students will find these lessons helpful.

Miss Savannah's

Reading Lessons

I am a student.

I listen when asked and speak when I have something to say.  I am eager to construct new knowledge.  I am a student.

In The


I am me.

I will do my best, be my best, and try my hardest everyday.  I will think critically, read carefully, and share my knowledge with others.  I am me.

I am a reader.

I enjoy reading.  I read to the best of my abilities.  The more I read the better I will become.  I am a reader.

About Me:


Hello, I am Miss Savannah!  I hope you are as excited about reading as I am.  I am an undergraduate student at Auburn University.  We completed these lesson plans for a class asignment and now they are here to help you in your learning or teaching endevors!


Smiles & War Eagle,

Miss S~

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